Research models

Ani Obaya

Deputy Named Veterinary Surgeon


+ Animal welfare
+ Veterinary training
+ Ophthalmology

How long have you worked at Envigo?

I have been with Envigo for 12 years, based at the Huntingdon, UK site and travel to several UK and EU-based Envigo sites.

Tell us about your individual responsibilities.

My team works with other departments to ensure the welfare of Envigo animals is kept to the highest standards by providing advice to scientists and our animal units. We are ultimately responsible for the health and welfare of all our animals. We also provide a variety of scientific services linked to our veterinary training such as ophthalmology examinations, surgical models and anesthetic and surgical support to customers and other teams.

What are some of the achievements you are most proud of?

Two of my main professional achievements are completing my Master’s degree on laboratory animals and gaining Royal Veterinary College Advance Practitioner status. I also feel proud when people approach me for scientific advice and trust my views and honesty on laboratory animal matters. This has enabled me to build many positives relationships with colleagues over the years.

Why science?

Since I can remember, I always wanted to be a vet. I had worked in general practice for a few years, but I was always interested in science. Working as a vet in a research institution has allowed me to have a great balance between clinical and professional skills whilst also being involved in the science.

What are the best parts of your job?

I really enjoy the various questions and challenges we are faced with every day. The work is never boring as a veterinary! I also enjoy working with a fabulous team. It's important to me to have a good atmosphere at work – I feel that is one of our main strengths. Our department has a positive attitude, which becomes key when dealing with stressful or difficult situations.

What do you like doing outside of work?

I like to spend time outdoors and I enjoy rambling our beautiful countryside on the weekends. We reside near to London and Cambridge, where I can find many cultural experiences. Being close to London’s main airports also makes it easy to visit my extended family in Spain.

My work-life balance is also important to me. I help maintain this balance by spending time with family. On a normal week, I also like to pursue my hobby of figure ice-skating. I also practice yoga and meditation, which helps to find the right balance on my busy life.

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