Teklad diet, bedding and enrichment

Barbara Mickelson, PhD



+ Lab animal nutrition
+ Customer support
+ Technical support
+ Product guidance

Individual responsibilities

“I interact with customers on a daily basis, as well with nutritionist, production, and customer service teammates. I collaborate with the sales team, to assist them in their efforts to sell Teklad diets. I also work in various ways with colleagues at our corporate office.”

Time at Envigo

Barbara has been with Envigo for over 16 years and is currently working as the Manager of Technical Services, Teklad Diets department in Madison, WI.

“Our group provides technical support for Teklad diets. The product line consists of standard, natural ingredient diets like our Teklad Global Diets and also a very diverse custom diet offering. Our primary goal is to convey that diet matters. Diet is a valuable research tool when chosen with intention.”

Best parts of the job

“I love the education aspect of my job. The researchers we work with are very knowledgeable in their field, but often require guidance about nutrition and diets. Via our interaction, we can really assist them to meet their research goals. In the process, we learn so much about all different kinds of research.”

Why science?

“I grew up on a farm and that offered me a chance to work hard and to learn how things work. I was inspired by my high school chemistry and biology teachers to pursue a career
in science.”

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