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Graziella Oliva

Director of Customer Service, Europe


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How long have you worked at Envigo?

I have been working with Envigo for 20 years, all of that time based in Italy.

Which department do you work in?

I lead the EU Customer Service Team. The success of our customer is our primary goal and we work hard to make this happen.

We work proactively to understand their needs, asking for the ‘untold’ questions that will help both of us to set the right expectations upfront. This avoids wasted time and effort from both sides, which our customers really appreciate. We manage all customers’ inquiries, price quotes, orders, invoicing activities and after sales support, and we work closely with our Sales, Operations, Quality, Finance and Transport Departments to ensure that our customers are delighted with the best experience possible.

What are your individual responsibilities?

In my role, I have both leadership and management responsibilities. From a leadership perspective, I am responsible for instilling a positive, ‘can-do attitude’ in the team and helping them to deliver a WOW experience to our customers. A key part of my job is supporting my people and always being present for them when needed.

From a managerial perspective, I am responsible for setting goals and objectives for the team and then measuring and assessing the results (KPIs, SLA, etc.). I also ensure we are continuously improving as a team, as this enables us to deliver ever-improving processes and procedures to our customers. I also support the daily activities of the team, especially when there are questions or issues and they need my attention and advice, and I work closely with other Envigo Departments to make sure that we are all aligned in our efforts and commitment to the success of our customers.

What is an absolute 'must have' in your role?

In my opinion, the real skill to be a great Customer Service employee is that you really must enjoy ‘serving’ others (and I refer both to internal and external customers with this). If you do not feel good when helping others, then this work is not for you!

You must be willing to run the extra mile to make your customers happy, in spite of the additional effort this requires. Anyone can be a customer service employee, but to be a really great one who makes a truly meaningful difference for our customers, then you need to genuinely commit yourself no matter what, and with joy. Customers can feel you smiling on the phone, they can read the happiness through your email and they understand when you really want to help them.

Another skill is empathy: your emotional intelligence can help you understand the customer’s feelings and then helpfully manage their needs, their concerns, and their challenges in a constructive way, with the aim of successfully resolving any issues they have and making a positive experience for them.

What are the best parts of your job?

I love the fact that I’m surrounded by people who are as passionate about Envigo as I am. I am really proud to work for the company and find myself learning things every day from the experts we have at Envigo who are so willing to share their knowledge. We have lots of loyal customers who have been working with us since I joined Envigo, and this is due in large part to our focus on providing them with great customer service.

Tell us about some of your achievements.

I am very proud to work for a company who have provided me with the opportunity to grow in my position. This is not a given, and I know that it would not have been an option in many companies. The projects I am most proud of have involved process improvements. For example, a couple of years ago I worked with our IT and Veterinary Sciences colleagues on developing the ‘automated Health Letter with links’. Through this work I am sure we saved lots of trees as we stopped printing lots of information on paper.

Why science?

In my local area there are not a lot of industries, so I initially joined the company simply because there was a job available. I started as a Customer Service Employee and immediately loved the company and this job. I came from a totally different environment (furniture) and had so much to learn. I can still remember all the mistakes I made due to my ‘ignorance’…every day was a great learning experience!

What do you like doing outside work?

I recently registered as a part-time working student at the University as I would like to take a Degree in Economics. I’m the oldest in the class, which is a little strange, but it doesn’t stop me from trying...and I usually do not give up easily! So far, I have successfully completed three exams and am currently working on the 4th. I am a positive person and believe that this helps me to stay focused on what I want to achieve.

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Operations and Support

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