Positive people


We hear from our customers that our people are what make the Envigo experience different. For this reason, we want to introduce you to the team that makes that Envigo experience a positive one. Here, these scientific and operational leaders share their background experiences and explain why they have a passion for the work they do.

Research models and services

Jennie Nelson

Jennie is a production manager responsible for two isolator facilities and one of our production warehouses. Jennie is responsible for the health and welfare of our animals in these facilities and ensuring teams adhere to regulatory and industry standards.

Research models and services

Paul Knepley, DVM

Paul's primary responsibilities center around animal health and well-being at 11 of our facilities. He focuses on a variety of areas such as herd health, clinical medicine and surgery, surgical model development, and bio-security and laboratory surveillance programs.

Research models and services

Viktoria Hyddmark, PhD

As part of our research and development team, Viktoria helps develop protocols that allow us to carry out services and assays to meet customer needs.

Research models and services

Tina Koban

As the Associate Director of Behavioral Sciences, Tina is helping develop a multi-faceted behavioral management program to improve animal environments.

Research models and services

Joe Warren

With years of practice in his field, Joe has the necessary skill set to provide scientific expertise and thought leadership to Envigo's transgenic and reproductive services.

Research models and services

Justin Zhao, PhD

Justin's work in animal model generation plays a vital role in the development of custom animal models for research.

Research models and services

Kurt Derfler

As Vice President of our North American Animals Operations, Kurt helps to oversee our work with small and large animals for our customers.

Research models and services

Dawn Goolsby

Dawn is the Site Director of our canine breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia. She gains great pride every time a customer successfully launches a new drug, medical device or procedure.

Research models and services

Jo Finney

As our Projects Services supervisor, Jo and her team work closely with project managers and operational leads to ensure our customers remain at the center of everything we do.