Positive people


We hear from our customers that our people are what make the Envigo experience different. For this reason, we want to introduce you to the team that makes that Envigo experience a positive one. Here, these scientific and operational leaders share their background experiences and explain why they have a passion for the work they do.

Research models and services

Helmut Ehall, DVM, PhD

As Senior Vice President, Veterinary Sciences, Helmut is responsible for the health and welfare of our animals, and for ensuring compliance with all the relevant animal welfare legislations and regulations.

Research models and services

Mandy Horn

Mandy is a part of the Veterinary Sciences Research and Support department at the Indianapolis site. Her role involves management of functions within the department and heads up our North America health monitoring program.

Research models and services

Kelly Barnett

As a Project Manager, Kelly provides technical support to customers defining their product requirements. She started her career with Envigo as a technician in the health monitoring laboratories, progressing to group lead for both the serology and molecular biology laboratories.

Research models and services

Ani Obaya

Ani supports Envigo as a Deputy Named Veterinary Surgeon. She offers her expertise to scientists and works with her team of veterinarians to ensure the ongoing health and welfare of animals.

Research models and services

Stephanie Linnane

A supervisor within the RMS division of Envigo, Stephanie ensures quality animals reach our customers - a critical component in demonstrating the safety and efficacy of new medicines, people and animals.

Research models and services

Sheri Wildt

Sheryl's strategic role is to lead the genetic integrity assurance program for Envigo animals globally. This entails ensuring the animals are bred appropriately and they have the correct genetic background.

Research models and services

Jamie Naden, PhD

With years of practice in academia, Jamie has the necessary skill set to provide scientific expertise and thought leadership to the research models and services division of Envigo.

Research models and services

Brad Gien

Brad's responsibility is to oversee the North American surgery department. He is also responsible for guiding the surgery program, improving and advancing surgical models and technical support for the commercial team.